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Though Greg Bulmash has been publishing on the Web since October 1995, we underwent a significant redesign and change in format at the start of May 1996 and another in January 1997. Following are the columns that have appeared since May. The older pieces will eventually be archived, but each one is somewhat time consuming and it will be some time before they are added.

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12/19/96The Night Before Christmas Shopping
12/16/96Life, Love, & The Bar Scene
12/12/96The Christmas Survival Quiz
12/09/96I'm Your Psychic Friend
12/05/96Holiday Manners
12/02/96Exodus Dominis Visa

11/28/96Almost Like The Real Thing
11/25/96Make Music Fast
11/21/96Dating Don'ts - Volume II
11/14/96The GBHP Advisor - Vol VII
11/07/96The Moments You Live For
11/04/96The Day We Fight Back!

10/31/96Obligatory Halloween Column
10/28/96Stupid Guy Tricks
10/24/96World Drearies
10/21/96It Takes All Kinds
10/17/96Dating Don'ts
10/14/96By Any Other Name
10/10/96Bring Me The Head Of Fabio
10/07/96Rejection Letters Of The Stars
10/03/96My Ultimate Fantasy
10/02/96ANNIVERSARY COLUMN: Test-Ow-Sterone

09/30/96Next On The Teenage Make-out Double Feature
09/26/96The Ex-Factor
09/23/96Sinner? Me?
09/19/96Cliche Slinging
09/16/96A Matter Of Equality
09/12/96The Death Of The Blonde
09/05/96The GBHP Advisor - Vol VI
09/02/96Meanwhile, Eat Dirt!

08/23/96The GBHP B-Movie Quiz
08/21/96Foreign Correspondents
08/20/96...In All The Wrong Places
08/19/96Leader Of The Bandwagon
08/16/96The GBHP Hedonist Quiz
08/15/96Lies & Mistruths
08/14/96The GBHP Advisor - Vol. V
08/13/96New Horizons
08/12/96Dating & Foreign Policy
08/09/96The GBHP Maturity Quiz
08/08/96Acquired Tastes
08/07/96Indignation, Exasperation, and Love
08/06/96An Amazing Tribute
08/05/96Guest Columnist: Fabio Schwartz
08/01/96The GBHP Advisor - Vol IV

07/30/96BUSTED! - part II
07/29/96BUSTED! - part I
07/25/96Why Men Don't Listen
07/24/96In The Stars
07/23/96The Thrill Of Victory
07/22/96GBHP At The Movies
07/18/96The PSONYS Campaign
07/11/96Snappy Answers
07/10/96Apple Saves The World
07/09/96President Mom
07/08/96And The Winner Is...
07/03/96You Can't Get There From Here
07/01/96Who's Number One?

06/26/96A Real Collectible
06/25/96Watering The Implants
06/24/96What's In A Name?
06/20/96Checking For Wasps
06/18/96A Totally Clean Column
06/17/96Improving The Environment
06/13/96The GBHP Advisor - Vol II
06/12/96Boy Toys
06/11/96Please God, I'm Only 27!
06/10/96The GBHP Dictionary
06/06/96I Wanna Be A Dog
06/05/96The GBHP Advisor - Vol I
06/04/96A Message From The Democrats
06/03/96A Message From The GOP

05/30/96Need To Know Basis
05/29/96The Bi-Bull & The Glory-Bee
05/28/96Nothing To Be Ashamed Of
05/23/96Mother Sells Baby For Coke
05/22/96A Buchannan Bedtime Story
05/21/96Whoa... Flashback
05/20/96The Moments You Live For
05/16/96My New Business
05/15/96The Consumer's Confusion
05/14/96The Fiasco Deluxe
05/13/96My Famous Relative
05/10/96Adult Children Of Mothers
05/09/96When Dad Pulled Over
05/08/96Knock Knock! Who Cares?
05/07/96Why I stopped Chasing Women
05/03/96The Bumpkin's Lament
05/02/96If I Was In Charge
05/01/96The In-N-Out Urge


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