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May 29, 1996

The Bi-Bull & The Glory-Bee
Copyright 1996 - Greg Bulmash - All Rights Reserved

The Bi-Bull and the Glory-Bee
Traversed the countryside
The Glory-Bee would praise the lord
And pound the Bi-Bull's hide
He'd preach to every sinner
And save their heathen souls
He saved the germs, and saved the worms,
The gerbils and the moles

He saved the hares and saved the bears
He saved the lowly mice
He saved the rats and saved the cats
He even saved their lice
He saved a wolf in Yellowstone
In L.A. saved a flea
The only one he could not save
Was plain old lonely me.

I sat there strumming my guitar
Under a spreading tree
When I heard coming from afar
"I spy a sinner, Bee"
He set about to buzzing
In circles round my head
"Where do you think you're going
when you are cold and dead"

"Salvation can be yours," said he
"Served right up on a plate
The gates of Heaven'll open up
If you will just donate
A minor sum to to help us spread
God's word around the earth
A measly token of your devotion
Just half your worldly worth"

But all I had was my guitar
The clothes upon my back
And my favorite books of poetry
Stuffed there inside my sack
I had no cash of which to speak
No bills in my billfold
And though I told him all of this
The Bee, he wasn't sold.

The Bi-Bull lumbered up to us
The Bee perched on his skull
And thumped it hard a couple times
And made a sound quite dull
He preached some fire and brimstone
He preached it very well
He threatened me with misery
And eternity in Hell

But I just strummed a little tune
It went a bit like this
"There are some things here in this world
That I don't rightly miss
I don't miss paying taxes
I don't miss smoking dope
I don't miss smog or plagues of frogs
Or hanging from a rope

I don't miss corporate mergers
I don't miss my first wife
I don't miss revolutions
Or riots, fires, and strife
I don't miss miniseries
I don't miss OJ's glove
And I surely do not miss a God
Who wants payment for his love"

I sang that little ditty
And made those suckers pause
Then the Glory-Bee declared me
A lost and worthless cause
But I just smiled and strummed my axe
Sent music toward the sky...

Cos' it was them that needed saving
Not I, not I, not I

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