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May 9, 1996

When Dad Pulled Over
Copyright 1996 - Greg Bulmash - All Rights Reserved

It started out like any trip
In travels near and far
Sis and I were stuck there
In the back seat of the car
Mom and Dad were arguing
The radio was blaring
And from her side of the back seat
At me old Sis was glaring

She acted very nonchalant
As she put forth her feet
And left them there quite carelessly
On my side of the seat
I gave a great and mighty shove
Which dropped them to the floor
She countered that by kicking me
My shoulder hit the door

"Hey you kids, what's going on"
Dad said much like a cop
"Nothing Dad," we both replied
"Well you just better stop"
The two of us sat quietly
We didn't move an inch
Until Sis in her recklessness
Gave my arm a sharp pinch

"Ow," I yelled quite loudly
"Baby," Sis accused
Dad reached back to slap at us
Cos' he was not amused
But since he was still driving
We dodged his hand with ease
He grunted at us angrily
To show this did not please

"I will pull this car over
If you two don't behave"
His voice was very menacing
A tone both mad and grave
And that got us to settle down
At least a mile or three
Until Sis leaned across the seat
And started poking me

"Make her stop," I shouted
So Mom turned in her seat
And glared over the back of it
At Sis with with hellfire's heat
"If you two think he's joking
Just try once more and see
Your Dad will pull us over
And then you'll be sorry"

But Sis she wasn't satisfied
So when Mom turned her back
Sis, she got an evil grin
And launched her next attack
She started making faces
And sticking out her tongue
I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe
Almost collapsed a lung

Dad sharply turned the steering wheel
And pulled right off the road
And promised very loudly
That we'd reap what we had sowed
But I was up and out the door
Before my dad could lock it
And hit the pavement running
As if powered by a rocket

In the distance way behind me
I heard my sister's screams
So frightened and bloodcurdling
To this day they haunt my dreams
I didn't think to turn back
The danger was too great
Old Sis had known the risk she took
And she had sealed her fate

I got myself away from there
And got a big old gun
And for the last ten years
I have been living on the run
And Sis, well she is buried
In a field of rolling clover...

Because she wasn't ready
When Dad finally pulled over

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